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WhiteGlove Workshops

The Annuity Source, Inc has partnered with an industry leading business development company to offer you White Glove Workshops. This is not your traditional marketing option, not your average seminar program and will increase your network and your sales!

  1. WhiteGlove WorkShop Planning: You don’t have to do anything! WhiteGlove does all the work by booking the venue, handling the registrations, making the confirmation calls, providing you with a PowerPoint presentation and a script. We also outline a step by step process to help you prepare for the seminar, and include examples on how to follow up with attendees afterwards.
  2. WhiteGlove takes on all of the financial risk: you only pay for the households that attend the workshop. Therefore, if the event has poor turnout due to the weather, or attendance is low from some other unforeseen issue… you still only pay for the actual households that attend. You will receive the contact information of any people that registered, but did not show up at no additional cost to you. You just tell us the preferred number of households you’d like to attend, the zip codes you’d like to market to (and not market to) and get paid by filling those seats for you.
  3. Choose Your Workshop: Taxes In Retirement, Social Security OR Retirement567 workshop. Workshop cost is determinant on the workshop that is selected.

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